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Welcome to Heritage University and Seminary

"Excellence in both the Classroom and Independent Study"

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Heritage University and Seminary of Central Florida.  Heritage University and Seminary is pro-active and intentional in its pursuits for God's Kingdom.

The mission of Heritage University and Seminary is to execute its role in being part of the Great Commission stated in Matthew 28:19-20.

Heritage University and Seminary is vital and pivotal in helping to prepare men and women for future church growth and evangelism.  It is our strong desire to remain on the cutting edge of higher biblical education.

We are prayerful that as you consider Heritage University and Seminary, that you will see and appreciate the standards that are being established for generations to come.

We want to thank you for the trust you place in us, in helping you achieve your ecclesiastical goals.

Dr. Janis K. Smith, Ph.D.
Heritage University and Seminary

About Heritage University and Seminary

Heritage University and Seminary of Central Florida is an independent, private Christian institution committed to progressive and continuing education at the undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate levels.

Heritage University and Seminary is international and is designed to meet the needs of individuals by offering both our "on site" and "independent study" learning experiences.  Focus is given as needed, to alter each program offered regarding the participant's ability level, and consideration is given to the global aspect of each student.

Heritage University and Seminary is committed to those students who demonstrate the call of God upon their lives and who are pursuant to the same.

Heritage University and Seminary may assign advanced credits for courses taken at other institutions of higher learning.  However, Heritage University and Seminary requires sufficient time to examine, assess, and verify all claims presented.

Heritage University and Seminary will not jeopardize its credibility by assigning credit for activities that are clearly not relevant to the degree program offered, or to a level of the degree desired.

Heritage University and Seminary offers programs only under authorized academic supervision.

Heritage University and Seminary believes that university trained academians and professionals should be persons who are able to think not only about the world in which they live, but who can be effective in the world, by applying their knowledge to current human conditions, leaving the world a better informed and better place than previously influenced.

Heritage University and Seminary reflects the excellence of experience and credentials of those involved with the institution.  Heritage University and Seminary offers degree programs that are equitable in quality to the leading seminaries and institutions of the nation.

Licensing and Accreditation

Heritage University and Seminary of Central Florida is a non-profit religious corporation chartered by the State of Florida and an ecclesiastical educational institution authorized to operate by the State of Florida under Chapter 1005.06 of the Florida Statutes.  

According to this authorization and registration, we are regulated by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE).  All degrees offered at Heritage University and Seminary (HUS) are exclusively in religious disciplines for Christian service.  The purpose and function of our programs, courses, and curricula are to equip believers for the work of the ministry according to the Word of God. HUS makes no claims, implied or expressed, that its educational programs, courses, or curricula are of the same type and effect as those offered by secular colleges and universities.  It is the intent of HUS to clearly express that the two are different in purpose and application.

Heritage University and Seminary is accredited by TransWorld Accrediting Commission International.

Transfer of credits to other educational institutions is a determination made at the discretion of each institution on a case-by-case basis.  HUS advises all prospective students of any educational institution to inquire of the institution in which they plan to transfer concerning the potential transfer of credits in advance of enrollment in courses and degree programs.

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