Master of Arts Programs

Master of Arts Degree
Master of Arts of Christian Counseling Track A
For Students That Have Not Completed Creation Therapy Phases 1&2, and Practicum 1&2 at a Lower Level
Required Credit Hours: 45
Prerequisite: Bachelors Degree

Course No.TitleCredit
CCS-510*Creation Therapy, Phase I9
CCS-550*Graduate Christian Counseling I3
Elective CCounseling3
CCS-560*Graduate Christian Counseling II3
CCS-610*Creation Therapy, Phase II9
Elective CCounseling3
BMT-500Master's Thesis6
CCS-501*Practicum I3
CCS-511*Practicum II3
Elective BBible3
Total Hours:45

All electives must be at the Master’s Level (500).

Bible electives: Old Testament, New Testament, or Theology

*Counseling (CCS) courses and counseling electives are offered as on-site classroom courses only.