Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Required Credit Hours: 60
Prerequisite: Associate Degree

Course No.TitleCredit
BNT-321Romans I3
BOT-333Old Testament Studies III3
BOT-444Old Testament Studies IV3
BPR-301Eschatology I3
Elective 3
BOT-455Old Testament Studies V3
Elective 3
Elective 3
BNT-311Pauline Epistles I3
BPR-302Eschatology II3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
BNT-300The Book of Acts3
BNT-332Romans II3
BNT-422Pauline Epistles II3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Total Hours:60

All electives must be at the Bachelor Level (300/400).